Hi, I'm Debbie!

I'm originally from Hawaii, but moved to San Diego to experience the "mainland" life. Soon after the move, we brought Dashi home, an 8-week old German Shepherd puppy.

At about a year old, he developed conjunctivitis and became super itchy. The vet prescribed some medication but it never fixed the issue. Then I came across the documentary, “Pet Fooled” which completely changed my views on dog food. After watching this, I vowed to feed my dog a healthier diet so he can live a longer and healthier life.

Since then, Dashi has been on raw and it has made such a difference in his coat and his energy.

When we moved back to Hawaii, I had a hard time sourcing quality meats for a DIY diet as raw feeding was still new in the islands. And that is how Dashi’s Raw Pet Supply was born!