Hi, I'm Debbie! I'm originally from Hawaii, but moved to San Diego in 2019 to experience the "mainland" life. One week after moving into our apartment, we brought home an 8-week old German Shepherd puppy, Dashi!

Preparing for Dashi's arrival, we went to the pet store to buy a bag of puppy food. We were so overwhelmed by the numerous different dog food brands that were on the shelves. Do we feed kibble or wet food? Do we need puppy food? What brand is the best or are they all the same? We ultimately picked kibble, which was working out for him, until he was about 6 months old.

He started developing gunk on his eyes and in his ears, and he was constantly scratching. We took him to the vet and were told that it was conjunctivitis. The vet prescribed eye drops for him and I just had to continue cleaning his ears, hoping it would eventually go away. The vet told us that these issues could be due to food allergies, as it‘s not uncommon for puppies to develop allergies to different types of proteins as they grow. We tried everything we could including an elimination diet and we couldn’t figure out what the root of the problem was. Then I came across the documentary, “Pet Fooled” which completely changed my views on dog food. After watching this, we wanted to immediately switch him off kibble.

Since then, I have done hours on hours of research on healthy diets for dogs, both cooked and raw. I opted for DIY raw as it was more affordable and easier to balance his meals. Dashi’s itchy skin, conjunctivitis, and ear issues eventually disappeared. His coat became super soft and shiny, and had his puppy energy back! 

Fast forward. We moved from San Diego back home to Hawaii. It was very difficult sourcing quality animal organs here as DIY raw feeding isn’t as popular here compared to California. There are no co-ops on Oahu, so I was on my own with sourcing meats. Eventually, I found some reliable sources for local quality meats.  But why stop there? If I went through all the trouble finding meats for my dog, there are probably many others experiencing the same difficulties. And that is how Dashi’s Raw Pet Supply was born! We want to make it easier for raw feeders to source these "rare" meats/organs from one place at an affordable price.